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A diverse & inspiring network
SWEA Professional is a group for networking within the organisation SWEA Vancouver. Our professional group was established in 2014 to promote the exchange of professional ideas, advice and contacts in between our  approximately 60 members. It is also a local resource to companies and professionals of BC, who want to educate themselves more about Sweden.

What is SWEA?
SWEA is short for the Swedish Women’s Educational Association. It was founded as an association in 1979 in California, and has since successfully expanded to include over 7,000 members in over 30 countries. Our members are Swedish women moving abroad and seeking “a home away from home” where they can connect with other Swedes. We serve as a social and professional network where our members establish lifelong friendships and connections. We also organise several annual fundraising initiatives to spread knowledge about Sweden including our langauge and culture. Our main initiative is a $3,000 scholarship that we offer students of Swedish at the Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies at UBC, to support their studies at a Swedish university.

SWEA Vancouver is one of two local chapters in Canada (SWEA Toronto is the other), and has been active since 1989. We have many loyal members that have been with us from the start, as well as new members, who typically join us when they move to Vancouver from Sweden or learn about our great programs and benefits.

Who participates in SWEA Professional in Vancouver?
SWEA Professional is created for our members who are seeking a new job opportunity, or simply are interested in learning more about professional life in BC. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and can offer expertise/advise in many different areas; science, management consulting, marketing, wine making, food prodution, health care, recruitment/HR and entrepreneurship to name a few.

SWEA Professional is an opportunity for our members to meet with business leaders, exciting up-and-coming companies, or hear about the latest in a new industry. It is also presents an occasion for local industry people to communicate with a large group of experts on anything Swedish.

We aim to host 4-6 professional events per year where we visit companies and get an “insider-tour”, organize seminars where we will invite interesting business leaders/professionals that will share their experiences and expertise in their field or even a more hands-on workshop. We also use the many experts we have within our organisation, to maximise the knowledge transfer in between our members.

Upcoming Events 

Our goal is simple
We want SWEA Professional to be a fun networking group that offers practical and useful advice that help our members to succeed in their careers and lives. If we can help our members to connect with an employer they never have heard of before, or simply increase their knowledge in an area they happen to be very interested in, our goal is met.

Get in touch!
If you work for a BC company and are interested in hosting a bunch of Swedish enthusiastic women to promote your connections with Sweden and get ideas about Swedes as potential consumers, please contact us. If you have an idea, a question or any suggestion for us in regards to a SWEA Professional event – please don’t hesitate, get in touch right away. We look forward to hear from you.

Anna Norrstrom & Johanna Ekdahl, SWEA Professional in Vancouver

Contact: 778-707-7441 / swea.van.professional(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)